Need to streamline your phone systems incoming call flow?

With IVR's, you can direct your phone calls where they need to. For example - your sales team, customer service, accounts, etc. - helping to reduce waiting times, while at the same time providing a professional phone and business image, when customers contact your business.

IVR | Menu Prompts
What is an IVR?

IVR  is the abbreviation for - Interactive Voice Response

IVR's allow callers to interact with your businesses phone system via a telephone keypad or by speech recognition, after which services can be inquired about through the IVR dialogue and Audio files.

In other words... IVR's / Auto Attendants route calls to the appropriate department and ensure that calls are answered professionally and promptly, without the need for a human resource to get them there.

Where do I need an IVR?

Following is just a few examples of where you may require an IVR message, Phone Menu prompt or voice announcement.

  • Menu Prompts
  • Auto Attendant
  • Welcome or Greeting Message
  • After Hours message
  • Announcements
  • Phone Queue Messages
  • Public Holiday
  • Promotional message
  • Any required IVR Recording
  • Any VoIP Phone System Message

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Audio Examples

Menu Prompt Message
After Hours Message
Announcement IVR Message

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Audio Examples + Music

Public Holiday + Music
Announcement - COVID Message + Music
Seasonal Message - Easter + Music

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Audio Examples - With Accents

Welcome Message - UK Accent
Welcome Message - UK Accent + Music
IVR Demo - Italian Accent + Music
IVR Messages Supplied
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What our clients say - IVR Feedback

“Messaging on Holds' service, came to us via a referral from an associated business. Michael and the team were complete professionals, delivering our requirements on an IVR programming revamp, including recordings, on time and within budget. The system is working well and delivering to expectations."
“Messaging On Hold helped us setting up our new business. Firstly, we approached them to help us with on-hold phone messages and voice prompts. They really did a very good job. They have always provided us with prompt support, when needed. Messaging On Hold provides top quality solutions. I highly recommend using their services."

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Our Clients Feedback

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